Margarita Island Tours & Excursions by Walter's Tours

Walter's Tours can arrange a variety of tours for visitors to Margarita Island, Venezuela.

For many years, I have been a Professional Tour Guide in Venezuela, and it has launched me today, to a leading role in the planning and execution of tours. I cover a wide area of the country thanks to my personal relationship with a team that I partially put together and whom I believe are among the best. On the other hand, I'm stationed on Margarita Island and while you are here, I can join you on a "Swingin'" Jeep Safari or an Island & Shopping Tour.

Walter's Tours

Walter's Swinging Jeep Safari

Walter's Swingin' Jeep Safari Tour, Margarita Island, Venezuela

Walter's Swinging Jeep Safari

Walter's Island Tour

Fortress Santa Rosa, Margarita Island, Venezuela

Tour Margarita Island

Angel Falls Day Tour

Angel Falls, Venezuela

Canaima National Park Tours

Angel Falls Base Tour

Angel Falls Base Trip, Venezuela

3 Days, 2 Nights

Margarita Dive & Snorkel Tours

Snorkel and Dive, Margarita Island, Venezuela

Around Margarita Island

Los Roques Tours

Los Roques, Venezuela

Paradise on Earth

Coche Island Day Trip

Yemaya at Coche Island, Venezuela

Travel aboard the Yemaya

Orinico Delta & Angel Falls

Orinoco Delta, Venezuela

Visit the Orinoco Delta

Gran Savannah

Gran Savannah, Venezuela

Gran Sabana

Caracas Tours

Caracas, Venezuela

See the City of Caracas

Horseback Riding

Explore Macanao

Trekking Tour

Trekking Tour, Margarita Island, Venezuela

Margarita Jungle Trek

Bird Watching Tour

Bird Watching Tour, Margarita Island, Venezuela

See many species

Miami Vice

Boat Tours, Margarita Island, Venezuela

An Aronow 47 Adventure