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Lets imagine you are looking what to do while in Margarita..... besides Angel's Falls (July - December), I liketo encourage you for a daytrip to Archipielago Los Roques, or better stay overnight so you can enjoy free time while sipping cocktails watching the spectacular sunsets. You can also take a water taxi to an island of your choice where you will be dropped off with a cooler full of beverages, packed lunch, chairs and shade.

If you like sailing, snorkel and swim on white sand beaches, I couldn't think of anybetter place than that.

Approach the archipelago by air, on the surface of the sea you will discover an area of contrast, bright lights, clearly coming out from the depths; green but always transparent waters, fondling as it reaches the white sands of this paradise.

Located just over 100 miles north from central Venezuela, in oval shape, this group of 52 islands, islets and keys have an inmense lagoon in the centre, full of the greatest variety of coral and fishes. (a few are listed below) El Gran Roque with its three lighthouses, a few modest inns and fisherman's houses, those who once came from Margarita Island, is the largest of all. The rest of the archipielago is flat anddeserted. But, the real treasure begins where the land ends and extends down to the depths of the sea. Here, the coral reefs gather thousands of species, Flora & Fauna combined in an underwater world as it is spectacular and fragile.

Daytrip from Margarita Island Hotel:

There are a few Inns, were you can stay overnight; pre-booking is necessary.

Shallow marine areas (3 - 25 ft.) with coral reefs are exceptionally varied marine environments in habitats, where fluctuations in temperature, bright ,shady and small areas with rough and calm waters generateabundance of nutrients. Some of the species to be found are:

Los Roques is the largest Marine Park in the Caribbean, with an area of 546.390 acres. Average temperature: 87ºF (27ºC).

Los Roques has 98% of the world's listed corals.

Los Roques