Playa Caribe - Beaches - Margarita Island

Playa Caribe, Margarita Island View from west end of Playa Caribe, Margarita Island
  • Located along the north shores of Margarita Island
  • The town of Juan Griego is very close for shopping excursions
  • close to Hotel LTI Costa Caribe, Dunes Hotel and Hotel Isla Margarita
  • Considered by many to be the best beach on Margarita Island
  • Bars and restaurants can be found here
  • Beach chairs, shades available to rent
  • Waves are usually great for body surfing

MIGadmin's Comments

Playa Caribe is a great beach if you want to get away from your hotel and want a beautiful beach to spend the day on. Here you will find a variety of restaurants/bars offering good food and a wide variety of drinks. What you find here will be far superior to what you get from your all inclusive hotel. While there I highly recommend a Dacquiri de Parchita (passion fruit dacquiri) as they are, in my opinion, the tastiest dacquiris on earth. If you don't want alcohol then ask for Jugo de Parchita. Usually the beach bars will search the same icy drink without the rum. If that doesn't work ask for the dacquiri "sin ron". "Sin ron" is spanish for "without rum".


Latitude/Longitude: 11° 6'36.03"N 63°58'13.07"W  (green arrow marks location of property)
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Note: I've noticed some labels on Google maps are inaccurate. For instance when I included this map I noticed Playa Caribe and Dunes Hotel were labelled incorrectly.