Margarita Island Trekking Tour - Walter's Tours

An unforgettable Jungle Adventure in Margarita.

At Margarita's highest mountain COPEY (3200 ft.) you will be surprisedby the lush and tropical vegetation found. A guide brings you througha river bed along jungle trails, from the breath taking view of the Copeypeak to a lovely plantation. Fallen trees, rocks and a little bit of climbingdistinguish the trekking tour from a normal walking tour.

In this natural area, our guide will show you a lot of interesting creatures.At the plantation, you will find different kinds of tropical flora alongwith exotic fruits being offered to you.

The tour includes the transfer from and to your hotel, English speakingguide (certified), fruit juice and fruits at the plantation plus soft drinksand cool beer for the road (on your way home).

Prices for Half a day tour