Playa Parguito - Beaches - Margarita Island

Playa Parguito, Margarita Island Playa Parguito Looking North
  • Located to the south of Playa El Agua
  • Popular with surfers
  • Approx. 1 km long
  • Lots of sand / wide beach area
  • Limited number of restaurants/bars
  • Beach chairs, shades available to rent

MIGadmin's Comments

Playa Parguito offers lots of sand and the potential for big waves which are popular with surfers. The choices for restaurants is limited on this beach but there is nothing stopping you from bringing your own refreshments or food. This may not be the ideal beach for children as there is the potential for big waves and undertows. As with any beach in the world know your water safety and don't depend on others to alert you to problems.


Latitude/Longitude: 11° 7'47.97"N 63°50'49.21"W  (green arrow marks location of property)
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