Porlamar Airport - PMV - Margarita Island

The actual name of the airport is Del Caribe "Santiago Mariño" International Airport. The airport was named in honour of General Santiago Mariño; a general of historical significance in Venezuelan history and someone who called Margarita Island his home.

Porlamar Airport PMV, Margarita Island Porlamar Airport PMV, Margarita Island, Venezuela
  • International Flights Building
  • Domestic Flights Building
  • Small Food Court in Domestic Building
  • Small cafeteria in upper level of International building
  • Duty free shops
  • Car Rental agencies

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Porlamar Airport (PMV) - MIGadmin's Observations

Porlamar Airport consists of both international and domestic areas located right next to each other.

The international area has a few small businesses located outside the secured area including a small cafe and money exchange. Inside the secured area you can find some duty free shops, gift shops and a cafeteria. These are all handy places for getting rid of your unspent bolivars or for getting last minute gifts such as venezuelan rum. If you are planning to buy items such as rum don't wait till you get to the airport. Lower prices and better selection can be found at numerous places around the island.

The international area can get quite busy even with one large full jet. If there are several jets that are arriving or departing at the same time then it can get quite packed. If departing then also expect to be searched. Don't blame the airport or country. Blame those that seek to smuggle drugs out of the country. The local jail (San Antonio) has quite a few of these local visitors. If you are interested you may want to read Frank Kanes book "In the Shadow of Papillon: Seven Years of Hell in Venezuela's Prison System".

The domestic area of the airport has a larger variety of shops, cafes and restaurants compared to the international portion. There is even a food court on the second level with a nice bar area. I like to get to the airport early so when waiting for my internation flight to depart I like to spend my time in the domestic building due to the fact there are more stores, more products and less people to deal with. So much more relaxing.

Porlamar Airport Map

Latitude/Longitude: 10°54'59.07"N 63°58'8.07"W  (Zoom Out to see where the airport is in relation to its surroundings.)
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