How to get to Margarita Island, Venezuela

Not long ago it was quite easy to get to Margarita Island due to the availability of direct flights and all-inclusive packages. Currently, there are no direct flights from North America, Europe or the U.K.. Island. If you are interested in visiting Margarita Island you will need use connecting flights to get there.

Airports - Caracas, Barcelona, Porlamar

Venezuela has a number of airports but there are only three that are of significance to travelers from North America, Europe or the U.K.


Porlamar Airport, Margarita Island, Venezuela



Caracas Airport, Venezuela



Barcelona Airport, Venezuela


Travel Options

Canada to Margarita Island, Venezuela

Direct Flights - From Canada

Direct flights to Porlamar, Margarita Island (PMV) are available from Canada. During the winter vacation season (Dec-Apr) there are weekly flights departing from Toronto (YYZ) and Montreal (YUL). These flights are sold by charter companies such as Air Transat. Even though they are usually sold as part of an All-Inclusive vacation package it is possible to book them as Air-only.

Note: As of Fall 2013 direct flights from Canada to PMV appear to be no longer available.

In-Direct Flights - From Canada

There are several routes to consider.

You could fly to Caracas (CCS) and get a connecting flight to Porlamar (PMV). Unless you require a overnight stay at a hotel this option is not as bad as it sounds. If you do require an overnight stay then I strongly suggest making arrangements with a reputable tour guide such as Walter. Arrangements would include a credible, trustworthy taxi driver to take you to a safe hotel and return you to the airport the next day.

Another option is to fly to a country other than Venezuela which offers flights to Porlamar. For instance starting 2012 Westjetis flying to Port of Spain, Trinidad (POS) where it is possible to get a connecting flight to Porlamar (PMV).

In-Direct Flights - From U.S.

Travelling to Margarita Island from the United States has never been that easy. During the winter season it is possible to book a canadian all-inclusive package with flights leaving Toronto or Montreal direct to Porlamar, Margarita Island (PMV). This option would only appeal to those wanting to travel during the winter season and willing to travel to Canada.

Some other options

In-Direct Flights - Europe

For those visiting from Europe the best route is to book a flight(s) to Caracas (CCS) and then get a connecting flight to Porlamar (PMV) using a venezuelan airline.