Playa Punta Arenas - Beaches - Margarita Island

Playa Punta Arenas is located on the southwestern point of Margarita Island.

Playa Punta Arenas, Margarita Island, Venezuela Playa Punta Arenas, Margarita Island, Venezuela
  • located at the southwestern tip of Margarita Island
  • restaurants
  • far away from major population centers
  • Jeep Safari Tour usually stop at this beach
  • nice waters for swimming
  • waves can be big enough for body surfing


There is a good chance you will end up visiting Playa Punta Arenas while enjoying the day long Jeep Safari Tour. If not you may want to make arrangements to visit this beautiful beach. Food and drinks are available to purchase during your visit.


Latitude/Longitude: 10°58'44.60"N 64°24'19.22"W63°52'12.51"W  (green arrow marks location of property)
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