Gran Savannah (Sabana) Tour, Venezuela - Walter's Tours

Walter's Tours offers an excursion to explore the Gran Savannah (Gran Sabana) and Canaima. (4 Days/3 Nights)

1st Day

2nd Day

3rd Day

4th Day


There is a minimum quote of 5 persons for this tour, therefore I suggest, if your party is less than above, to place your inquire only.

Price: Pricing available upon request

Other excursions:

From Santa Elena de Uairen there is a variety of tours through the GranSavannah. I recommend to start in Margarita, proceed to Gran Savannah andback to Margarita Island. We have organized tours from 2 days through 6days/5 nights. Pick the number of days you like to stay and we will offeryou a schedule.


All our tours are conducted by professional staff with knowledge about flora & fauna, ecology, geology and indian communities. The tour guides are bilingual. Only in Santa Elena do we offer Double Rooms/private bathroom. In Kamoiran, Kama Meru or camps at Kavanayen Trail the rooms are for up to six guests.