Margarita Island Geography

The geography of Margarita Island can be very interesting for those who are willing to explore. The island includes beautiful beaches, scenic moutains, lush sub-tropical conditions to the east and arid, desert-like conditions to the west. There is a large city as well as a few large towns and a number of smaller ones. To get a general feel for the geography of Margarita Island sign up for the Jeep Safari Tour. It's a fun, full day excursion exploring the island in a jeep.

Where is Margarita Island?

Margarita Island, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela
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How do I get to Margarita Island?

To learn more about how you can visit go to the page called "How To Get to Margarita Island" for more information.

Margarita Island - Nueva Esparta

Just south of Margarita are two more islands of substantial size.

All three island build the state: Nueva Esparta (New Spartan). The "Estado Nueva Esparta" belongs among other 23 states to the Republic of Venezuela. Located 23 miles northeast of Venezuela's mainland, Margarita Island is completely surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. Geographicly, we are 11° north of the Equator and 64° west from Greenwich. The UV Rays are therefore much more intense here than in USA, Canada or Europe. That's why I recommend sunblock lotion, factor 35 - 45.

The population: about 400.000 habitants. (2006).

Margarita Island Climate

Average temperature on the island is 87° F (28° C), the breeze from northeast is ideal for "windsurfing" and of low humidity, except August through October, where the breeze is just a little draft and temperature raises up to 90° (32° C). By being out of the hurricane path, we have very good weather throughout the year and an everlasting summertime.