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Hotel California - Margarita Island

Hotel California can be found on Margarita Island's southern shoreline very close to Porlarmar Airport.

Hotel California, Margarita Island Hotel California Front
  • This hotel is located at the "windsurfers' beach" El Yaque.
  • A sort of "oasis" away from city rush.
  • One of the most outstanding beaches in the world for this sport.
  • It's only 10 min away from the airport and 40 min to Porlamar.
  • By sundown, windsurfers gather at the main street café, next to the hotel.

Walter's Comments

The area of El Yaque is good for windsurfers or anyone seeking quiet and relaxing days. The hotel is clean and plain.


Latitude/Longitude: 10°53'53.50"N 63°57'40.73"W  (green arrow marks location of property)
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Overall * * 1/2