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Marine Museum, Boca del Rio, Margarita Island

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There is a marine museum located in a town called Boca del Rio near La Restinga. There you will find several outdoor tanks/pools with live fish and sea turtles as well as several buildings with exhibits showcasing the abundant marine life around Margarita Island. There is a small building which houses dozens of aquariums with live fish, corals, crabs, seahorses, etc. There is a large 2 storey building which has numerous displays of fish, coral, seashells, etc.. Note that there are no live animals displayed in the large building. Kids will love the turtles and aquariums but might become bored with some of the displays in the main building. All in all its an interesting way to spend a couple hours while touring the west side of Margarita Island.

The website is in spanish but you can use to view it in english.

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